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“@humidbeing has changed my life is so many ways, im happier, healthier, and have found love. Thanks to humid being's instagram!”

- Clay Jackson, The Transfers



Do you see the wonder and uniqueness in Daytona? From the sun rising over our beaches to the moonlight reflecting off the crushed can tossed along Ridgewood? From Deland's arty and pristine downtown to the disheveled mass outside the J-Mart, from the fights in the lineup at NSB inlet to the best tacos in Flagler there are stories to be told! 

Do you see these stories as you travel through our little (but growing) beach town? Are you part of the art that is created, the music that is played and the culture that continues to grow out of the "birthplace of speed"? 

Do you have things to say about our town or see things you would like to change? 

Do you know someone or something that should be covered in print and online, a story that should be told? 

Whether you are a writer, poet, photographer, troubadour, local saint or trouble maker, Seabreeze socialite, beach bum, speed freak (vroom kind or otherwise, we don't judge), do you drive the loop to clear your mind or find ideas bouncing around your head while backed up on Granada? No matter if you spend your daze on the Ponce Inlet river starring at the sun or moved down to Daytona cause you're on the run. Be you an advocate of change, a spreader of love or you feel like sections of this city just aren't getting enough. Are you Daytona? 

No matter who you are or what you can do, If you want to be a part of this magazine, to be a Humid Being, let us know.

-The Great, Oron Crawford, founder



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