Matt Friese

Matthew Robert Friese is a draftsperson in a multitude of

mediums. Born in 1981 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,

raised in Arkansas, and educated in Florida. He received a Bachelor

of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida in 2008.

His inspirations as an artist stem from science fact and fiction,

pop culture nostalgia, the natural world, existentialism, and the

power of imagination. The works he creates vary, from illustrations

of animals and recognizable science fiction or horror characters, to

his own visionary interpretations of personal thoughts and ideas.

He has a deep affection for meticulous mark-making, as he

builds textures by layering thousands of tiny lines. This allows him to

achieve a zen-like meditation while working. Mostly, he produces

monochromatic drawings, ink on paper or vellum, or woodburnings


When he isn’t drawing, Matt enjoys the outdoors, watching

movies, playing video games, cats, and being left alone. His works can

be seen on Instagram, under the handle “Artofmattfriese”.