Holy Human

Humidbeing is a large supporter of Daytona’s original music scene. We think there are underground legends, that few know and even fewer have seen. It is our job to dig up and explore our lands most unique and interesting talent. Please support our local heroes as much as you can. Understand the amount of blood and sweat that goes into a live show, and understand the mere peanuts they get compensated for their hard labor. Their passion has taken the wheel. These bands give it all they got, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Our first featured band was born, built and bread right here in the core of the Daytona scene, even as far as to say, is DEFINING its originality. Let’s see how much support we can give them.

Holy Human is a Daytona local psychedelic punk rock band, known for their unique and inspiring original music. They play anywhere from Central Florida onward.

Holy Human started as a solo project from lead singer Matt Wall. He started compiling original music as far back as 2010. The void of “ghost” members quickly filled in by 2015 to create what some call a “shambling Daytona freak-psych cult”. Holy Human includes Mark Murray on Guitar, Anthony Santisi on the bass, Matt Aubertin on keys and Woody Moore on drums.

When deadlines can become the best motivators, the band may owe most of its birth to a quickly thrown together, makeshift show, which ultimately began their progression of live shows.

The inspiration for Holy Human came largely from the sounds of late 60’s psychedelic rock, put through a blender of the other member’s influences. “We’ve gotten something kind of dark and swampy, and occasionally punk” You can call it: “Strange Blues” Says Wall.

Central Florida Post calls them “Tight. Take me back to a late 60’s fuzz fest and keep the groove all night long. These guys are exciting. Between their holy harmonies, a monster on bass, and matching Gibson guitars, it’s a show to be seen. Holy Human is one of the most mobile bands in the area as well; they’re in St. Pete and Orlando just as often as Ormond.

Back when it was still a solo project, Holy Human was mistakenly thought of as being a narcissistic self-promotion. It was rather meant to consider humans themselves as holy. An idea coming from an Allen Ginsberg poem, “Footnote to Howl” where he goes on an epic rant about how all these things are holy that wouldn’t usually be considered holy. “That always stuck with me. The human is holy. A lot of my lyrics are about how we must be our own saviors, and that we are already holy, godly and powerful. The concept of Original Sin is vile heresy.” Says Wall.


Photo Credit: B. L. Burb