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It was the year the Mayans had predicted the world would end, a couple of cats in their twenties in a funk/punk band called The Sex Monkeys were diving deep into the exploration of music genres and productions. With a hacked version of Fruity Loops and a ten dollar microphone from Walmart, dreams were created along with questionable songs under the group name Smoor Druhgz. The guitarist Dylan Smith (then under the name Twisted Wizdom)  and the lead singer Jason Sandillo aka SiNnakel or Sin at the time had been developing skills and encouraging others to join in the mayhem of this endeavor of musical creation including artists such as Def B and MonstroM (who would eventually become a main partner in the record label).

The early days consisted of an emcee/ producer relationship, Twisted Wizdom providing the production of beats and SiN going in with the rhymes. Slowly intergrading them into The Sex Monkey shows, performances at Tir na nOg Irish pub began to become frequent. Along with local legend Def B the hip hop scene began to sprout in Daytona Beach, Fl leading to consistent showcases to annual events. Organized groups formed bringing together other local hip hop heads from all walks of life in a massive group of a variety of styles called The Union with sub fractions like Immunity Entertainment and GutterBorn Productions. Over a year the sound began to develop into a dark grimey vibe with melodic tunes creating an alternative hip hop genre with influences ranging from Rhymesayers to Korn. The duo named themselves Sin & Twisted Wizdom influences by one of their favorite groups at the time, Eyedea & Abilities. After deciding the name for themselves Dylan and Jason began brainstorming for a record label to place themselves under independently. To no surprise, all the ideas were either too dark or too funny leaving the only realistic and sensible choice “GutterBorn” which stemmed from starting at the very bottom and rising up. Plans for an album were made and many tracks released on YouTube and SoundCloud but soon came to a crashing halt.

Primarily mini rockstars first and foremost, hard partying was accompanied by drug abuse as their band The Sex Monkeys spread throughout central Florida a rift began to form between the two partners leading to a nasty fall out. Dylan moved out of state on a journey to better himself as Jason stayed committed to the idea of the record label they had started and begun pushing forward as an artist working in solo material. Another artist under GutterBorn Productions, Kyle Longfritz aka MonstroM began to work more frequently with SiNnakel putting out his solo material and creating an arsenal of collab tracks together. He began getting more involved with the record label as a whole and became a partner in the business. Shortly after Def B became a familiar name associated with the label and brought along another producer Knot Envy while SiNnakel emerged himself in the process of creating instrumentals. They created the album Destrumental, the first collab album from GBP. The instrumentals produced by SiNnakel and the album recorded by NVS Records, Knot Envy’s production.


Soon aftwer more projects would come out like the solo mixtape Brighter Mournings by SiNnakel, TABU by Def B and multiple mixtapes from MonstroM and SiNnakel such as; Thought Process, Gibson Murkin’, Pocket Lint n’ Change, Ride Out, Goofin’ Around, and Skewed Up. The crew would perform all around from Orlando to Deland and of course, the home town of Daytona Beach at Franks Front Row to Tir Na nOg. Knot Envy had left the group shortly after the album and Def B then went on to focus more on his solo material working with other producers and DJs.

SiNnakel and MonstroM stay focused on their path to spread the name GutterBorn Productions playing more shows including festivals like Mind Spring and also at 509 with Caskey. The tattooed duo began branching their resources out more having SiNnakel producing most of the beats released, sending some to various local artists around and MonstroM investing in photography creating MonstroM Photography taking high-quality pictures of local shows. Recently they have started to get involved making promotional videos and corky skits in hopes to start a subchannel on the GBP YouTube channel to express to their audience the funny side to them other than the aggressive and lyrical music released. Though the label primarily consists of Hip Hop music, there is also quite of bit of acoustic songs as well as some metal and rock-inspired tunes. A motto passed down from the band days ”leave no genre off-limits” they keep an open mind for music that feels “true” to them and “real”.

However, G.B.P. isn’t strictly serious content a hundred percent of the time. With songs like “I Might Be”, “Priceless”, and “J.C.2.F” are a few of the humorous tracks infused with the group’s catalog. Not to mention Bombz Over Gotham, a tribute to the villainous nature of a joy ride through the dark, decrepit city which has led to be a crowd favorite. The two can have the crowd laughing and joking to goosebumps in a matter of bars. “Ashes of Hope” paints the dark picture of suicidal nature and explains alternative ways to cope along with understanding the matter and becomes a powerful message to encourage those who are experiencing the feelings themselves. 

There seems to be a dark undertone embedded in the foundation of this profile of sound, with riding sub bass rattling throughout the instrumentals and emotions stitched within each piano key’s note. Especially apparent in SiNnakel’s latest album released “Strange Happenings Volume I”, Thirteen songs that lead the listener on a rollercoaster ride through a densely covered set of tracks that barrel through the walls of an artist inner conflicts from the struggles of addiction and depression to the understanding of self worth and value. A story camouflaged even hidden in the party song “Any Body” and the banger “Torn Up”. The album is available on YouTube as well as SoundCloud and will soon be up, on Apple Music and Spotify.

Much more than the music makes up the heart of GutterBorn Productions. Both members of the label are incredibly goofy but extremely creative. When asked how MonstroM came up with his name he replied “I wanted to be a monster on stage plus I’ve always been fascinated with mythical and folklore on certain creatures and deities. I wanted at first to be a monster in the industry (and) cause all kinds of chaos and havoc but realized, once I got older, I wanted to be the monster in the industry’s eyes by being a force to be reckoned with and not biting my tongue when it comes to the false portrayal of what it is being an emcee.” Monstrom being Latin for the word monster. He is currently working on his solo album “The Monster You Made Me” along with collaboration tracks with SiNnakel and other local artists. As far as SiNnakel’s name he laughed saying “well, to be honest, I’ve gone through some ‘rap names’. Jokingly I was initially J$, but like the literal money sign. It was a contradicting nickname, originally meaning I was broke. They would throw a ‘no’ in the middle sometimes. Then it branches off to J Sin then SiN and then one day while I was driving I was thinking of that South Park episode where Stan starts growing up and seeing everything like s**t, he becomes an alcoholic because he was diagnosed cynical or whatever. Then I thought of what cynical meant to me and it clicked! I am a bit cynical about shit and it was a sweet play of letters. So f**k it, I became SiNnakel.”

The progression of the crew has definitely made strides over the years and better equipment has been accumulated, though the number of computer casualties has now reach five-ish, they continue to build towards their goals and remain passionate about their music and creations. Ambitious and driven the plans they’ve made for the future only seem to grow larger with each idea. Constantly reminded of their humble begins because the name has stamped more than just a title but a class of people, those who may have started from the gutter and strive to excel no matter how hard life may get or seem. No matter how rich or poor the background, from all the darkness in being human and light, from hope and love within oneself, we may be born from one environment but how we prevail and fight can determine our placement in life. As SiNnakel explained “everything is temporary. Those feelings you had, they’ll fade. The body I’m in right now will die. Everything has its expiration date so what we do with our time here now is paramount. You can’t let a little rain f**k up your day. All the bulls**t you may go through will pass and you’ll learn from those experiences. It’s all temporary.”









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Destrumental; the collab album featuring SiNnakel, MonstroM, and Def B, special appearance Knot Envy. Beats produced by SiNnakel and album produced by NVS Records and GutterBorn Productions