Alanna Vanacore


Alanna Vanacore


“Simply put: I like to paint. To challenge myself but mostly because I’m so drawn to the process that I feel compelled to keep doing it. There are two sides to me creating art. One of them is really quiet. I think of my brain as a telephone wire. Endless conversations and connections going through but all I can hear is the quiet hum of electricity and the creaking noises in my neck when it gets tense and tired. The other side is me being a complete spaz. I dance, sing, crack jokes, talk in weird voices and listen to music really loud. I enjoy exercising the weird and silliness of life into my art. I paint what I feel or whatever is happening around me. Sometimes my thoughts are like mashed potatoes being shoved through a window screen, but other times they are hand delivered in a pretty package with a bow on top. My art is a documentation of my life and growth as a human.”

Q&A With Alanna Vanacore

What is your favorite container?

Anything miniature or made with nice material. Usually glass or metal. 

What is your first cognitive memory of eating fried chicken? Can you explain in detail?

Hmmmm I mean chicken nuggets when i was like 2 but fried chicken fried chicken? KFC and Publix around Easter time when i was around 6. Get a bucket and head to the beach! 

Who are your favorite 4 artists, ever?

John Currin, Jenny Saville, Hilma AF klint, Lucian Freud

Out of those four artists: marry? f**k? kill? eat? 

Marry John, f**k Hilma, kill Lucian( sorry bud) eat Jenny.

What is one of the most bizarre things you’ve experienced while living/visiting Daytona?

Duct tape man. Very sweet and a pleasant surprise whenever you saw him. Felt like he brought good luck.

okay…so, fast forward to 3 months from now, and the world is in complete and utter shambles… You come across a compound tucked away in safety, far from the toxic waste mutants that roam the earth. Since you are the first to claim this post-apocalyptic ‘safe space’… as the hordes of others seeking safety approach and start to gather, seeking entry… You are then crowned as the Queen of this new society. 

What are the first three rules for your new Utopia??

Damn. Hahaha. I don’t like rules. But I would say Love, help and share with one another.

The angel of death descends upon you, while in the middle of working on one of your paintings. It likes the painting so much, it decides to give you an hour to do whatever the hell you want, before your soul is cashed in to rot for all eternity… What do you do?

Write down letters for everyone I love and hug as many people as possible. 

If you only had $20 to your name, with no sure way to know when you might get even a cent more in the future… but you MUST spend all $20 at a store of your choice. All at once. What are you buying?

Hahahha I mean I have actually been in this boat. But I would totally hit up Walmart and get all the necessities. Lots of food, water, paper and pencils 

Tomorrow is the end of humanity as a whole… what is the cause of our demise?

Aliens take us out bc they think we are the absolute worst 

Describe your art in a six word sentence. 

My art has love in it.

You have to give up two of these, for life: fried chicken , beer , your soul. Which two do you choose?

Hahaha fried chicken and beer. BYEEEEEEE NEVER GIVE UP YOUR SOUL

What is your favorite dinosaur?

velociraptor bc they are small and terrifying