Spring Break Thriftin'

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If you have lived in Florida for at least an entire season then you have surely seen firsthand that winter turns to spring overnight with an occasional pesky cold night well into the month of March.  As the rest of the United States enjoy the last of their snow days, Florida residents enjoy sitting in traffic for a little longer than usual.  Spring breakers from ALL over the US excitedly, quite literally, litter the streets and beaches of Daytona Beach, Florida.  Most spring breakers are on a tight budget with alcohol as the only exception for breaking the budget so although little clothing is required for most spring break activities, trendy fashion is still important.  Sure, you can drive 20 miles from any spot that you may be in Florida and come across an outlet mall totally equipped for ANY and all of your fashion needs BUT why look the same as everyone else in their discounted garb?

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Daytona Beach alone has over 20 thrift stores, most of which are HUGE and packed with retro, trendy attire.  A simple google search revealed that City Thrift was THE best all-around thrift store with the highest rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.  One shopper’s review: “5 Star!! This is the best thrift store in Daytona Beach!! Specials most days that shouldn’t be missed!”  convinced me to get ‘thrifty’.

In less than an hour of shopping at City Thrift, I purchased two entire ensembles, all the way down to the hoop earrings.  My purchase barely broke the bank, costing around the same as a few drinks at Razzle’s.  It doesn’t cost much to look better than everyone else in Daytona Beach, you just have to know where to look (and where not to). 

The best part about thriftin’ for Spring Break??  You won’t feel guilty if you ‘lose’ any articles of your get up.  What?  I can’t be the only one who has lost articles of clothing in Daytona Beach.  Don’t forget, ‘Whatever Happens in Daytona Beach, Stays in Daytona Beach’ (except that screenshot of your snap chat story at 3am on Seabreeze, that’ll haunt ya).

-Ashton Ryan

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