Tick, Tick, Boom!


Relatable to many, Tick Tick Boom exemplifies the angst felt during the transitional time as young adults approach their 30 th birthday. Gaston King, playing the main role of Jonathan, opens at The City Repertory Theatre in Palm Coast, Florida to a packed house, with no empty seats available during this first performance of Tick Tick Boom, written by Jonathan Larson, the creator of Rent. Introducing their 8 th season of performances, The CRT is one of a kind for the area: “CityRepertoryTheatre is ART. You won’t always see your favorites here, or the same-old same-old staid theatre standards. CRT offers alternative entertainment; plays and programs to provoke the mind and the spirit while providing excellent opportunities for the serious actor to pursue his/her art. We’re the only theatre of our kind in Northeast Florida.” (http://crtpalmcoast.com/) 


    Jonathan, Michael and Susan are three young adults with opposing opinions when it comes to ‘growing up’. Michael, Jonathan’s roommate and childhood friend is moving out to a new apartment in a fancy area that he can now afford as he climbs the corporate ladder , “my roommate can afford a bathroom in a bathroom” sings Jonathan as Michael persists that Jonathan at least interview with his company. Susan, Jonathan’s girlfriend has hopes of moving to Cape  Cod and settling down as conveyed in her song with Jonathan where she sings, “the clock is ticking, that’s’ for certain”. Jonathan dreams of nothing but “writing a song to be remembered” as he works as a server while completing his play, Superbia. The imagery is clear as Jonathan’s arms are pulled to each side by Susan and Michael as they sing, “Jonny has no guide, Jonny can’t decide, Jonny wants to hide”. 

 The intimate theatre never had a dull moment with smooth transitions from scene to scene. Playing multiples roles with varying accents and mannerisms, Chelsea Jo Conrad flawlessly evokes emotion from the viewers. Six separate roles may daunt some actors but Chelsea and Beau both pull it off flawlessly. Beau Wade performs as Jonathan’s Dad, an Executive, Temp, Market research guy, Counter guy, Jonathan’s agent as well as Jonathan’s roommate who induces tears in the end of Act II with surprising news. 


 From walking into the ticket office to being shown to your seat, theatre attendees feel like they are in the comfort of their own home. Box office manager and Director’s Assistant, Diane Ellertsen and Director, John Sbordone clearly love what they do and want their guests to feel what they feel for this show that they no doubt have dedicated their blood, sweat and tears to make happen. Chock full of necessary curse words and even some (feigned) marijuana use makes this show all the more real and ensures that I will certainly catch another performance at the CRT. 

All photos by: Mike Kitaif

For more info and show dates go to www.crtpalmcoast.com