Can you find the 'Art in the Alley'?

If you’re ever visiting the historic downtown area of Daytona Beach Street you might feel inclined to wander down one of its little alleys and find one of Daytona’s best surprises. You would think you will find yourself down a dirty dark alley but hidden between the outer walls of local barrooms, used bookstores, and shop fronts eye catching and inspiring murals can be found. This is the work of a local pop up group aptly named Art in the Alley, a movement that was started to inspire the community to get creative. 

Operating on biannual basis, this core group of local business owners and artists works hard obtaining permits, artist submissions, vendors, sponsorships, and finding live music to meet their reveal deadline. It’s a lot of hard work and more of a passion project for the community than a profit generating business. “I love being a part of Art in the Alley because I felt we needed more initiative to beautify the area. We want to create an environment where art is accepted and create family friendly areas.” Says Karishma “Kavi” Naran, local artist and Art in the Alley contributor about the project.  


Every reveal is in a different location and features a new theme. At the reveal you can meet the artists and discuss their work over a hot meal or cold beverage or dance the night away to some local music coordinated by Robert Cheung, Jr. You may even purchase some art to take home with you provided by local vendors. As the defining trait of Art in the Alley, there are activities for children and adults to engage the whole family in getting creative. Kids can create at craft tables while their parent’s silk screen print their own T shirts. If you are an artist or vendor and wish to contribute or simply would like to know more about the upcoming exhibits please visit for all the latest updates.

“Art in the Alley is a movement. Getting creative, we are here to take a unique approach in bringing art back to our community. We want to influence both young and local artists alike, and will do so by encouraging the working of art into everyday life. Through painting the city, we will educate the public about the benefits of street art - and show how it can inspire the community.” 

–Kristen Colesanti, Art in the Alley Founder.