Legends Night

November 2nd, 2018, a date which will live in humidity. An event was suddenly and deliberately performed by local musicians and artists of the Empire of Daytona. 

    For the first time, some of the biggest original bands and local artists got together for a one of kind show. This was the Humidbeing release party. Those who attended witnessed a one of a kind show, with multiple forms of art, music, and talent of many sorts. Seven bands took the stage with a large collection of original art displayed throughout the venue and an amazing DJ, DJ Jukebox Bully, keeping the night moving. This will be your recap of the night and also a huge thank you to all the people involved in this event. 

    The art lining the walls was from three local artists that deserve a huge thank you: James Hartsell, Patti Singer, and Matt Friese. This really made the night special. It was fun bragging all night to everyone that through great music and free stuff, there was still amazing things happening around them. 

    As the first few started piling in, a man once regarded as Daytona’s most interesting person, opened the night, Clay Jackson. The Transfers Duo’s own Clay opened up with some classics from his bands past. He continued with some very inspiring and original pieces, zigzagging from guitar to piano. He played songs from his ongoing collection called Eye Tunes, where he gathers inspiration from someone’s eyes, and creates a song influenced through someone’s soul. Very beautiful set. He then ended with a cover song written by the late Oron Crawford, the founder of Humidbeing Magazine. It was a song Oron wrote and performed in his past called ‘Euphoria’. Clay played out a completely fresh version, awakening the original spirit of the song’s intent. A true highlight of the night. Thanks Clay, you brought us all back to some truly great times.   

    Following was John Harvey. Always impressive to hear a large sound coming from one guy, with one guitar. John Havey lays out a musical heart to heart talk to your soul. Short and sweet, altering the night into a different musical direction right off the bat. Down to earth hallowing vocals that grab your heart and your throat at the same time. Quick to get on, quick to get off, and quick to get to the bar. Thanks John, you’re the man. 

Then we featured our third acoustic act taking his set, Adam Hull. Adam made no exception to our musical theme chairs that night and came out with some very mellow, jazzy tunes that relaxed your mind and soul. A super talented musician with an amazing voice, he makes us proud to see this kind of talent in this area. Soft but satisfying music that could take you to a better place. Hope we will be hearing more from this musically brilliant artist. 

    With three acoustic acts out of the way we now turn to the first full band performance by the delightful members of Wounded Shadow. A very unique and inspiring experience. The female vocals lined with many alternating and delicate rhythms make their sound very original and refreshing. This set also starts an impressive night for Anthony Santisi with his first of THREE sets in a row. A huge shout out to that impressive run, I’ve never seen that before. Thanks also to Wounded Shadow for stepping it up with the hard sounds. Great set. 

    Holy Human, up next. Hard to put a finger on these guys. It’s alternative. As in you take blues and alternatively stab it in the chest with punk, while rock n’ roll is in the background telling it, “you’re going to be ok”. Mixed with minced occult sounds. That gets you close. These sounds come from artists in their truest form. Holy Human really should be a landmark of the oddity of our town. We breed unique, these guys are no exception. They will take you on a beautiful  yet  haunting tour of spacial sound, amazing harmonies, delicate transitions, and sound variations. Tight rhythm, thick keys, with rouge guitar licks. Great band, great sound, and a great set. Thanks guys. 

    I said seven acts, we still have two to go, and NO ONE has lost interest. Last Electric Rodeo takes sixth. Where do I begin? I’ll begin in the earlier times, you know when the world turned into an apocalypse and brought us the last show on earth, claims the man holding our attention. It’s hard to look away when there are NINE performers that just came off the set of mad max, singing songs of end times. It’s a show you will not see anywhere else. Superb concept, a very tight band with amazing musicians. They brought the place down, just to bring us back up. Thanks to LER for their earth-ending performance. 


Who else would close this show out? Bringing the noise and polishing off the night, Harum Scarum. The weak ones who left by this time missed a monumental performance and should be ashamed of themselves. Dancing rock riffs, eccentric howling vocals, extremely tight drums policing all head nods, shaky bones bass, all covered with keys that make you forget who you are. (At least I did). We asked for the best, we got the best. These guys are truly awesome. Do your Daytionian diligence and see these guys at least once for your own pride. These sounds are the “I needed that” kind of sounds. Go. Now. 

     A special night. It really could have not gone any better. The best came out, the best played out. Thank you, everyone. Those who came, those who performed, those who set up, broke down, those who helped, supported, encouraged, and thanked. We will see you all at our next event. Stay tuned.