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According to a nutritionist, Mitzi Dulan, women have a harder time losing weight compared to men.   “For one thing, men tend to have more muscle mass than we do. And since more muscle means a faster resting metabolism, men’s bodies naturally burn calories at a faster rate. We can be working out and changing our diet, but it’s going to take a little bit longer to see those results,” says Dulan.

“There’s also a psychological factor working against women: Research shows that women usually have more of an emotional attachment to food than men do—which makes it that much harder to follow a strict healthy-eating plan. This also gives men the edge if they do have slip-ups: Women are more likely to take an all-or-nothing approach and eat badly for an entire day (or longer) after they make one “mistake” on their diet. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to have this kind of emotional reaction and are more likely to get back on track sooner.”

Amanda Olsen, owner of Mandatory Fitness in Volusia County, Florida challenges this notion, every day with her vigorous fitness training camps and one on one sessions at her gym in Orange City, Florida.  In 2010 at around 240 lbs, Amanda decided she was tired of being tired; motivated by being uncomfortable in her own skin, she began her fitness journey.  Amanda describes the first few years of her journey as a huge experiment, trying anything and everything marketed to lose weight.  She tells of her binging and purging and extremely unhealthy dieting, following fad dieting schemes that never worked.  After a few years, she jumped on the “gluten-free” diet bandwagon and had awesome results. Losing over 100 lbs was no easy feat for Amanda but she offers some words of advice,   “Of all the things I did, THE one thing I did right is stay consistent, “ she explains.

Constructing her own kettle balls, coaching fitness boot camps at public parks and privately mentoring clients is where it all began once Amanda realized her gift for helping others get healthy.  Within the first year of Mandatory Fitness, she had 50 clients and had created a brand for herself.   

In 2017, Amanda says her life is  THRIVING due to a patch which contains ForsLean, Green coffee extract, Garcinia cambogia, CoQ10, White willow bark, Cosmoperine, Satiereal saffron extract, Green tea extract.  Amanda swears by this all-natural supplement she proudly wears and has many success stories from happy clients already.

Today, five years after her very first client, she has over 200 clients total (although she does not require contracts).  Amanda coaches her intense boot camps every day at 5am, 830am, and 530pm.  She mentors and creates nutritional plans for her clients as well as coaching via her youtube channel.

With the help of social media, she has created a brand and marketed herself like a total Boss Babe and hoping to encourage women, no matter their fitness goals.

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“Today I weigh 138lbs and wearing a size 3. I want to inspire as many people as I can because it’s really all in our minds. We may ache, be busy, have full-time jobs… but we all have the same 24 hours in a day. You can do a lot in 10 minutes if that’s all you can make time for. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Train your MIND to see what your BODY is capable of. If you’re having trouble with your eating habits, time management or looking for Today I weigh 138lbs and wearing a size 3.  If you’re having trouble with your eating habits, time management or looking for a passionate, knowledgeable and empathic but straightforward trainer… feel free to message me. If you need home workouts, gym regiment, meals, nutritional plans, supplements, I can certainly help! It goes without saying, this is a LIFESTYLE, not a fad or DIET!” -Manda Olsen