Our Story


Humidbeing Magazine started as a vision from the late great Oron Crawford. The most original creative visionary I have ever known. This company was born and raised through his eyes, through his vision. The rest of us are only here bringing his creation to life. It all started from his single idea to find and explore the greatest stories and artist Daytona had to offer. Looking for the best of our underground. This idea quickly got some wheels after the word caught on and spread to other creatives with alike minds. We all agreed, “we need this in our city”. There is too much unnoticed talent, with such a strange geographical character all in one place. The melting pot of a melting pot. Once the need was there it was all forward-looking. Oron then partnered up with me, a long time friend, and we put our minds together. The Humidbeing brand was born. May 30th, 2017 we officially open our LLC and started writing and gathering content quickly. We started building a team, the most creative people we knew from our inner circles. Started planning meet-ups and brainstorm meetings. Everything was turning into a snowball. We had a perfect outcome of 8 people for our first meeting and created some amazing ideas that are still being implemented today. It was a great start and we all had a very positive feeling about the future of our journey. The town was coming together and creating, just as we planned all along. Unfortunately, life goes on its own path. That Saturday meeting, July 2nd, would be the last time I ever saw, my best friend, business partner, fellow musician, and brother. 3 days later, Oron had passed away. Nothing prepares you for a shift in life of this magnitude. It didn’t feel like reality. Losing our main driving force, I considered the Magazine officially over, and time being, it was the last thing on my mind. It wasn’t until the community, that Oron had created, came together and supported me to go on, that I even of thought it would be possible to start again. I got support from all around. People I’ve never met were pushing me to go on with the business. That’s when I knew that I had to. I had to put this project out there to honor my best friend  the way I knew he would want me to. Slowly I started picking up the pieces. At first, it didn’t feel right going on without him, but I also felt him pushing me on. I knew I had to continue. Meetings started up again. Friends started lending me help. If it wasn’t for the people who helped me get started again I would not be here writing this today. It truly was a group effort. Finally I’ve built back up to where we can continue and start to move ahead. Through one foot after the other, we are finally here today without first issue and website.